A forum for the communication between refugees and Greek citizens (editorial)

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017 with Comments Off on A forum for the communication between refugees and Greek citizens (editorial)

Is it easy to bring Greek citizens into contact with refugees living in camps? The first step was made last April through the pages of this newspaper.

After the release of the first edition of the “Migratory Birds” newspaper, and seeing our hard work finally paid off, we were delighted and encouraged to continue our effort.

But the world is moving, and not standing still; some children, members of our newspaper team, have already moved to other countries, alone or with their families. Despite these losses, which took place within just a few days, we are still here and we continue to write.

Where we suffered losses, we have also some gains.  The first boys are on board, under the multicultural and colorful “umbrella” of “Migratory Birds”. These children feel the same need for creating and maximizing their potential too.

Of course, all this achievement could not have been realized without the help of all those who support our newspaper team in a substantial and systematic way. Parents, relatives, friends and colleagues are constantly on our side and undertake various additional work to make our efforts easier.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our readers both in Greece and abroad, who have spread the word regarding our newspaper either by republishing articles and tagging our websites through social media or through various “Network” websites where the English version is available.

We also wish to thank everyone who contacted us via e-mail or has attended our weekly meetings to get to know the “Network for Children’s Rights”.

Based on your feedback, we will try our best to evolve and improve.


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