Football Mini Tournament- by Mohammad Mehdi Hoseini

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On May 5, 2017, Network for Children’s Rights organised a mini-football tournament for teenagers residing in the refugee settlements in Schisto and Eliniko, which took place in the Sports Centre “Kiffisos Soccer Club”.

There were 5 teams in the tournament in different age groups. Participating teams included:

 1: Staff and youth workers of Network for Children’s Rights at Schisto

2: Teenagers from Schisto, 14-18 year-olds

3:  Staff and youth workers of Network for Children’s Rights at Elliniko

4: Teenagers from Elliniko, 14-18 year-olds

5: Journalists from the EFSYN newspaper


    One of the positive aspects of this tournament was that the youngsters had the opportunity to play together in a pleasant environment, away from the refugee camp. Three teams took part in the tournament and the winners were the teenagers from Elliniko. More important than the result, were the friendly relations and the feeling of solidarity between the teams.

    I have lived in Schisto for over a year, where there is no suitable outdoor space for ball games.  We have to walk several kilometres in order to train. In camps, teenagers do not live in the best conditions, so they need motivation and activities, like this football tournament to raise their spirits.  Excursions and sightseeing can really improve an adolescent’s mood.   

    Here are some interviews of tournament participants.

Hossein Hosseini (player in the Elliniko team):

1- How was the tournament? What do you think about future tournaments?

It was a very good tournament and we would be very pleased if more were arranged.

2- What problems are there in refugee camps for those that want to play football?

We play football in the camp too, but it is always against each other so it is not interesting.

  1. What dream do you have for your future?

Like all footballers, I want to become a famous player.



     The interview of Stefanos Konomi (youth worker and player in the Schisto staff team):

1- How was the tournament between the Elliniko team and the journalists?

I am very proud; the matches between the youth workers, the children and the journalists were all very good.  It was something different because the teenagers had previously only played with each other in the camp they are staying.

2- What did the teenagers think? Did they like the game?

They liked it a lot, because they finally got to play on a proper pitch.

3- What do you wish for refugee children?

I hope to see them in a few years in a better place and somewhere safe, where they can build their dreams without fear.


Mohammad Reza Hosseini, from Afghanistan, high school graduate:

-I like football and I play for “Hope Refugee”.

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