“Migratory Birds” at the Thessaloniki International Book Fair- by Samira Karimi

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On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May the newspaper team of “Migratory Birds” together with Network for Children’s Rights attended the 14th Thessaloniki International Book Fair.

In theory, this was a work-related trip, but for us it was also recreational.

The scenery throughout the train journey was very beautiful.  The journey took six hours and as soon as we arrived, we went to the house where we would be staying

The house was simple but lovely.  Since I had been living in a tent or in a container for a year and five months, I found the house like paradise.

There were a lot of different booths at this fair and one of them was for us.

We presented the newspaper in a workshop entitled: The creation of a newspaper: the example of “Migratory Birds”, put together by Afghan refugee girls who live in the accommodation centre of Schisto.  It was an experiential workshop for the expression of thoughts and feelings and the assertion of freedoms and rights through the press.

When the workshop was finished both participants and non-participants made statements:

“I found this newspaper very interesting, a very worthwhile initiative.  It was important to listen to those children’s voices.  No one leaves their homeland if things are going well.  It is difficult conditions that drive people to a new country, ” stated Mr. Patsoglou Savvas, a school teacher in the west of Thessaloniki.

Mrs. Athina Papanikolaou, education coordinator at the Softex refugee accommodation centre in Kordelio, Thessaloniki, said the following when asked what she thought about our newspaper:

“It was delighted when I read the first issue of the newspaper and eagerly await the second.  I would like to congratulate these young girls and hope they become professional journalists in the future.”

The positive opinions and applause of people lifted our spirits and encouraged us to continue.

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