Security equals luxury- by Sara Hossaini

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017 with Comments Off on Security equals luxury- by Sara Hossaini

I want those who believe there is no war in Afghanistan to explain to me how my father was killed. Why were we orphaned? Why do I not have a father? If my country is safe how can people be killed every hour of the day? Why can’t children go to school and why do explosions happen daily? Why are so many other children becoming orphans? The only thing I want from this world is to have my father back, but I know that no one can bring back all those people that have lost their lives. If my father, who was like a mountain beside us and supported his family, could come back to life, then I would be convinced that Afghanistan is a safe country. But that is not the case.  So why are our compatriots being expelled?

If our country were safe, we would never exchange our homeland with Europe or with any other country. We would never leave our homes to go to Europe.

If our country was safe, we would not let anyone offend us, mock us or decide our future.  We wouldn’t have become a game in the hands of the powerful nations of Europe without being able to do something.  If we had security, my father would never have gone to war.

If I had the power, I would never let innocent people die and I would have saved my country from injustice and war, but unfortunately, I cannot do anything about it.  All I can do is pray to God to save us. I have very little hope, and there is nothing left in my life apart from sadness and the longing for a better future.

I hope that a miracle will happen to end all this. We, like all immigrants, are tired of this situation.

If you have the power to do something for our future, now is the time.


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