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PROGRAMME 2018 The «Culture Lab» – open every weekday. 1.THE LENDING LIBRARY The library contains more than 5,000 children’s books –with numbers continually increasing thanks to purchases and donations – plus 40 tablets and numerous board games. It has more than 1600 child-members. The book collection includes more than 100 bilingual volumes (English-Farsi, English-Arabic) as […]

Survey on the children’s living conditions at Athens City Center – June 2015

SURVEY ON THE CHILDREN’S LIVING CONDITIONS AT ATHENS CITY CENTER JUNE 2015 SUMMARY This survey follows an older one; the previous one, also conducted by the Network for Children’s Rights in 2012, was based on qualitative methods. This one is based on quantitative methods. Both of them share a common objective: investigate the cultural and […]

Youth Centre

Creative teams program 2022 | Youth Center Latest News Creative teams program 2022 | Youth CenterOpen Call to professionals for distance learning seminarsNCR Youth Center Home Edition! How about listening to some Jazz/swing music?“NCR Youth Center Home Edition”! Would you like to exercise your German skills?“NCR Youth Center Home Edition”! How about listening to some [...]

Culture Lab

Creative and Learning Support Teams Program 2019-2020 | Culture Lab Latest News Culture Lab“We are also here” | Stopmotion AnimationΑφήγηση Παραμυθιού στο Εργαστήρι ΠολιτισμούArchitecture and Pedagogy Workshop | Culture Lab | October 2019