Job Vacancies

Network for Children’s Rights occasionally advertises job vacancies as and when needed to complete its projects and achieve its aims in the most effective way possible.

Current vacancies are posted here.

Job Vacancy | Cultural Mediator/Interpreter Urdu | Submit until 19/09/2021 | Athens

Position Summary: Network for Children’s Rights ("Network") is announcing the position of Urdu cultural mediator/interpreter, as part of the program «Child protection case management...

Bengali Interpreter / Cultural Mediator

  Submit until 06/06/2021 Position Summary: Network for Children’s Rights ("Network") announces the position of one Bengali interpreter. As part of the program providing psychosocial...

Job position | Interpreter/Cultural Mediator Farsi | Submission by 12/03/2021 | Athens

Job description: Network for Children's Rights is announcing a part-time (4-hour employment) position of interpreter/cultural mediator Farsi for the newspaper «Migratory Birds». Location: Athens Main responsibilities: ...