The Network at Traiber Sq

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The Centre for Creative Activities “The Network at Traiber” keeps functioning for the last four years at Traiber Square. It is addressed to pre-school and primary school-age children, most of whom come from vulnerable social and economic family environments. All these years, we have been creating creative groups which offer all children English and Greek language teaching support, learning of basic communication skills in foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, German, etc.) and a wide range of activities (from arts and crafts and decorative constructions to musical games, pastry making and cooking, etc.). The purpose of the Centre and its activities is to provide knowledge and recreation and to cultivate aesthetic awareness and team culture amongst children. Below follows a representative reference to some of the running creative groups:


Creative “contact” with the life and work of famous Greek and foreign artists (studies, art techniques, themes of their work, artistic currents to which they belong, etc.). All children are encouraged to perform their own and unique artistic inspirational imprint of international recognition paintings.

“Healthy children – Healthy planet”

As part of the WWF Hellas programme of the same title, we helped children adopt healthy eating habits and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, thus enhancing their environmental awareness.

“Body movement with modern dance and theatre techniques”

Accompanied by various musical sounds, we reinforce children’s ability to perform body movements and participate in theatrical performances of rhythmic and synchronized choreography.

“Musical Harmony and learning of musical instruments”

Children look for answers to questions such as: What are the main “parts” of the guitar and the yukalili? What makes them different from other musical instruments? How do they “function” artistically and what are the sounds they produce? How can they accompany other sounds and voices?

“I create using recyclable materials”

Using recyclable materials (paper, fabric, boxes, newspapers, magazines), we create a variety of crafts (masks, decorative frames, dolls, etc.).

“Cinema & movie poster creation team”

After watching favorite children’s movies, we make posters inspired by each movie.

“Contact with the history, culture and gastronomy of different countries around the world”

Through audiovisual educational teaching material, we travel in different countries. Children learn how to locate/indicate these on the map, about their history, their most famous and word-wide known cultural monuments, foods, words, phrases.

“Discovering my feelings through play”

Through play, we help children to recognize their feelings and how all this is expressed through our way of behaving.

The Network at Traiber Sq (Centre for Creative Activities)
8, Traiber Square
Tel. +30 210 52 47 470