What we do

“Network for Children’s Rights” (The Network) is a non-profit organization whose aim is to safeguard the rights of children as set out by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). The Network’s members are people who respect human rights, especially those of children, and who are willing to take action to uphold and promote them. Together we form a network built on solidarity and empowered with knowledge and culture, enabling us to improve the quality of life of children and offer them the pleasure and feeling of achievement that comes as a result of team effort and group initiative.

Vision & mission statement 

Our mission is to serve the best interests of the child.  Our vision is a world in which all children grow up healthy and happy, their opinion is heard and their rights are respected.

The Network, therefore, reaches out to all children, regardless of ethnic origin, race, gender, religion or language, through specialized educational programmes, creative groups and extra-curricular activities. It also provides psychosocial and legal support. Furthermore, the Network undertakes initiatives and interventions whose purpose is to promote, raise awareness of, and show active respect for the rights of children.  Some of these rights are still unfamiliar to many people.

Programmes & activities 

The Network’s programmes promote the concepts of solidarity, cooperation, coexistence, networking, volunteering, team effort and socialization while giving children a platform from which to make themselves heard.