Psychosocial/Legal Support (Child Protection Unit)

CPU Psychosocial/Legal Support

Network for Children’s Rights offers legal, social and psychological support to refugee children and their families through a specialised programme in the centre of Athens.

The aim of the programme is to enhance the protection, care, well-being and integration of vulnerable children and refugee families in Greece and to support their access to long-term solutions in order to mitigate both the risks related to their precarious migrant status and potential social exclusion.

The programme includes the following:

  1. Identification of children (both accompanied and unaccompanied)
  2. Provision of psychosocial and legal support to vulnerable families, refugee children and children at risk
  3. Immediate response, all-inclusive management and support of individual cases, based on a personalised plan of action and intervention; close contact with the community, social services and relevant organisations; provision of urgent needs; support for children enrolling in formal and non-formal education; and action in support of socialisation and education.
  4. Continuous and regular communication with the children in order to increase their sense of security and establish a relationship of trust.
  5. Immediate response to incidents of violence and abuse and constant cooperation with competent authorities for the protection of children.
  6. Continuous contact and networking with organisations that are active in the field of child protection; and participation in relevant working groups with a view to the all-inclusive management of cases and the exchange of knowledge and good practices.

The programme “Child Protection Case Management for Refugee Children” is funded by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Contact: 210 8846590, and

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