Asylum Service announcement on its provision of services to the public in 7 languages


Provision of services to the public by the Asylum Service from 18.5.2020-29.5.2020

From Monday, 18.5.2020 the Service will be again providing services to the public. Nonetheless, in light of the need to uphold public health, as well as restrain the spread of COVID-10, we would like to inform you of the following.

1. The validity of the cards of international protection applicants, that have expired from 13.3.2020 (date on which the provisions of service to the public by the Asylum Service was suspended) up until 31.5.2020 is prolonged as per a new ministerial decision for a period, of 6 months. Therefore, the Asylum Service will not be renewing cards of international protection applicants up until 31.5.2020. The Regional Asylum Offices of Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Leros and the Asylum Unit of Kos are exempt from the above, and will be renewing cards.

2. From Monday 18.5.2020, the following applications will be submitted online: applications for a change of address/telephone, for a change of personal data, for the separation of files, for procurement of copies from the personal file, for a statement on the status of the application, for the rescheduling/prioritization of hearings, for the provision of legal aid, as well as applications for the deposition of documents. Relevant templates will be uploaded on the website of the Service, that will in turn be submitted electronically to the email addresses of the competent Asylum offices.

3. From Monday 18.5.2020, the submission of appeals will resume.

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