Author: Φαίη Ιωαννίδου


Aristotelis Z. Bullying is a widespread problem that has been spreading rapidly in recent years and we encounter it in various forms. Some of these are physical, verbal, emotional and online. We meet it in different environments, in almost all social classes and in all ages. We will refer to child bullying, which has an […]

Inclusive societies

F S Inclusive societies I was born and raised in Sierra Leone, in a society where people are judged by their appearance, religion and cultural beliefs and discriminate against people. Attending a public school was no exception. Albert Academy has a lot of rules when it comes to how student should appeared in school, broking […]

85 Civil Society Organisations Call on MEPs to Uphold Fundamental Rights and Reject the Harmful Schengen Borders Code Recast

Despite repeated warnings from Civil Society Organisations, EU lawmakers have reached an agreement on the Schengen Borders Code reform which will be voted on in the LIBE Committee next week. The legislative file that has emerged from negotiations between the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and Commission will have […]

Attack in Thessaloniki: yet another violent incident targeting people because of their identity

Athens 15.03.2024 – The Racist Violence Recording Network strongly condemns the violent incident against two LGBTQI+ individuals in Thessaloniki by a large group on Saturday 9 March 2024 and expresses its deep concern about the escalating homophobic and transphobic rhetoric targeting LGBTQI+ people and the impact it might have on their safety and well-being. According to the victims’ […]

Impact report for the Rights Hero program

This impact report highlights the transformative effects of the “Rights Hero” game and educational scenarios on students, teachers, and communities. Through engaging activities, discussions, and interactive learning experiences, this initiative has empowered students to become informed and active participants in society, fostering a deeper understanding of democratic principles and promoting civic engagement. This research was […]