Educational Programmes Mobile Library 2020

Detailed programme of educational activities of the Mobile Library January 2020 22/01 Avdi Spuare 23/01 Kotzia Square 29/01 Archaeological Museum 30/01 Victoria Square February 2020 05/02 Plato’s Academy 06/02 Avdi Square 12/02 Archaeological Museum 13/02 Kotzia Square 19/02 Kolonos Public Swimming Pool 20/02 Victora Square 26/02 Avdi Square 27/02 Kotzia Square March 2020 04/03 Plato’s Academy […]

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library of the Network is a temporary library that can be set up in a few minutes in squares, schools, public gardens, reception and accommodation centres for refugees, festivals etc.  The mobile library gives children the opportunity to visit the fascinating world of books while participating in educational games and learning about their [...]