Mobile Library

The Mobile Library of the Network is a temporary library that can be set up in a few minutes in squares, schools, public gardens, reception and accommodation centres for refugees, festivals etc.  The mobile library gives children the opportunity to visit the fascinating world of books while participating in educational games and learning about their rights and how to assert them. 

The Mobile Library enables children to access books, read and listen to stories, play games and take part in a variety of creative activities designed to entertain, educate and raise awareness of a variety of issues, especially those that have to do with safeguarding children’s rights.  The Mobile Library also gives parents the opportunity to participate in certain activities, with the aim of encouraging them to read with and to their children. 


Given the new conditions brought about by the pandemic, the Mobile Library has adapted its activities, creating a new form of its actions and implementing them remotely and safely. In the periods when the program cannot be implemented from close, due to the limitations of the pandemic, it enters the classrooms as a Digital Mobile Library. 

The action is live in festivals and events both in Athens and throughout Greece, live or online. He has traveled to Kythera, as part of activities in schools in barren areas. The Mobile Library has benn to Amorgos for its participation in the BLUESTARINO FESTIVAL 2021, the 1st nomadic children’s festival in Greece. After a call from the association of parents and guardians of the Primary School of Archilochos – Marpissa, Paros, the program traveled for two days in Paros. On the occasion of the International Children’s Day, in November 2021, the Mobile Library participated online in KIDOT in the action “Kids Are Right”. It also has a regular presence every year at the Zappeion Book Festival and was one of the actions that took place in 2018, in the context of “Athens – World Book Capital”, under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens. 

The program of the Mobile Library is implemented with the support of The Hellenic Initiative. 

Culture Lab – Children’s Lending Library 
Alkamenous 11b 
10439 Athens 
Tel. +30 210 88 46 590