Mobile Library

The itinerary library of the network is an ephemeral library, which is set up in a few minutes in squares, schools, public gardens, hospitality centers/refugee houses etc. The itinerary library gives children the opportunity to visit the fascinating world of books while participating in educational games, to learn their rights and how to assert them.

On the occasion of the itinerary library, children come into contact with books, read and hear stories, play games and participate in a variety of creative activities, designed to entertain, educate, and They raise awareness of various issues and, above all, the question of advocacy the rights of the Child. Together with the children, and the parents, through the On-road library, have the opportunity to take part in special actions to encourage book reading in children and with their children, but also to receive psychosocial and legal support from Specialized network professionals.

The action of the On-road Library is part of the “Child Protection Case Management for Refugee Children” program, co-funded by the UNHCR.