Centre for Children – Frourarcheio

kentroThe Center for the Child is an open space for all children that is located at the Athens Solidarity Center (Domokou 2, Larissa station) with the purpose of promoting and supporting children’s rights. The team consists of a psychologist – project manager and an educator who are in direct collaboration with each other. The space is open for all children aged from 0 to 12, with no discrimination concerning gender, origin, ethnicity or religion (children younger than 3 years old must be accompanied by a guardian during their visit). The Center operates daily from 10:00-18:00 and the entry is free. Kids arrive at the Center either because they want to participate in one of the groups or because their parents leave them at the care of the Center to spend creative time while they use one of the Center’s other services.

The multidisciplinary team of the Center (educator – psychologist) designs, organizes and carries out educational and recreational activities. Educational activities include Greek language lessons (spoken and written speech), through informal educational means, as well as the individualized support of the children in their school subjects. The Center, also, hosts art and recreation workshops which aim to develop creativity and imagination while, at the same time, they promote the children’s socializing and relationship building. Within the context of the holistic development of the child and the greater inclusion of the people who visit the Center for the Child, several cultural activities and external visits are organized. A lending library, also, operates at the Center offering a selection of children’s books, promoting the relationship between children and books.

Moreover, counselling is provided to parents, aiming to strengthen their parental role and improve the relationship with their children, as well as to children, in order to help them manage their feelings better and to strengthen their self-image, by the Center’s psychologist. The psychologist organises interventions for children based on their observed behavior within the Center’s area in collaboration with the educator. This method allows the team to have an overall perspective of the family and a better approximation of its needs so that suitable referrals can be made whenever necessary.

Specifically, the “Center for the Child” provides:

  • Creative and educational activities for children
  • Organization of recreational events and cultural visits
  • Board games and free play at the Center’s space
  • Lending library with children’s books and board games
  • Educational groups for parents and adults
  • Counselling for parents and children
  • Psychological support
  • Individualized support for the children and the parents
  • Volunteer paediatrician

The “Center for the Child” at the Athens Solidarity Center operates with the support of Solidarity Now.

Centre for Children
Domokou 2, Larissa Station