Creative Center The Network at Traiber

The Creative Center “The Network at Traiber” is a program running for the last six years at Traiber Square. It is operated by the Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government E.E.T.A.A. A.E. for the purposes of the program “Harmonization of Family and Professional Life” and co-funded by the European Union (ESPA) and other partners.

The participants of the program are children aged 5-12 years old (kindergarten and primary school), most of whom come from vulnerable, social and economic family environments. The purpose of this program is to assist working mothers with a low income and to support those who try to find a job, offering to their children afternoon creative activities and learning support.

The Creative Center “The Network at Traiber” organizes and implements daily creative activities with a focus on the development of their self-expression, and by fostering the social bonding and friendship between them, enhances the interactive participation in creative groups.

The group consists of 30 children, divided in two groups, in a four-hour program each, who profit from their daily participation in cross-curricular activities such as English, STEM Education, Cooking, Experiments, Group Games, Music, Architecture etc.

Where to find us?

Traiber 8, near Metaxourgio metro station

How to contact us?

Tel.  2105247470

Working Hours: