The Network’s Campaign for International Children’s Book Day

(Activity for Children)


#TellYourTale – April Campaign for Children’s Books

On the occasion of International Children’s Book Day on April 2nd, Network for Children’s Rights is celebrating children’s literature, as it does every April.  This year the Network has gathered together a group of literary figures, writers and illustrators who will read book extracts to our young friends.

Each one of them will select one children’s book that they are particularly fond of from their own collection and read aloud a favourite extract.  Starting on April 2nd and daily throughout the month, you will be able to listen to one new exciting reading on the Network’s YouTube channel.  In this way, we hope to give every child the opportunity to come into contact with books and to encourage a love for reading.  An additional benefit of this campaign is that it will allow us to acquire some new digital material for the Network’s library. In these abnormally difficult times, the Network has not stopped taking action; instead it is making readjustments and coming up with new ideas.  And since we are #staying_home, it would make us very happy to have you join our campaign!  Take a photo of your favourite children’s book, and write (or photograph) a small extract as a caption.  Then share it on your personal social media account by tagging the Network (Facebook: and/or Instagram @ncr_network and using the hashtags #ddp and  #TellYourTale).

For the past 15 years Network for Children’s Rights has been undertaking actions and initiatives that lead to a better understanding and implementation of the rights of the child. Through its professional staff and volunteers, its mediations to relevant bodies and authorities, its actions for greater awareness, its lending library (with over 7000 books) and its mobile library (which visits schools, squares and refugee accommodation daily), its educational and cultural programmes and its broad variety of actions, the Network offers all children without exception a platform from which to express themselves and a space that allows them to entrench their rights.  These rights include the right to knowledge, information and recreation, all of which are to found in the pages of a good book.

The following are participating in the campaign: Aggelos Aggelou, Yota Alexandrou, Maria Andrikopoulou, Foteini Vasileiou, Sasa Voulgari, Evi Gerokosta, Eleni Geroulanou, Christos Armando Gkezos, Aggeliki Darlasi, Myrto Delivoria, Vaggelis Iliopoulos, Lila Kalogeri, Elena Katsama, Marietta Kondou, Marianna Koumarianou, Katerina Kris, Aggeliki Lalou, Lily Lampreli, Lina Mousioni, Marisa De Kastro, Giorgos Panagiotaki, Antonis Papatheodoulou, Thodoris Papaioannou, Argyro Pipini, Eleni Svoronou, Emi Sini, Panagiota Tomopoulou, Makis Tsitas, Alkistis Halikia, Panos Christodoulou.