Migratory Birds #18: Read the full issue

Migratory Birds’ 18th issue was published on Saturday, July 18th as an annex with “EfSyn” newspaper. It is now available online at migratorybirds.gr!

Quarantine kept the Young Journalists apart. The team stayed in touch. They might have stayed in their nest, but they also remained active. They followed developments, and in this 18th issue they write about the things they saw that troubled them. They discuss the pandemic and the quarantine period, which taught us a lot, and its effect on communication and human relations. They show what this unusual situation was like for the children in the Safe Zone of the camp at Schisto. They examine 21st century racism, in the wake of the George Floyd affair and the movement “I can’t breathe”, and they describe their deep concerns over the housing of refugees here in Greece. They look at their generation, Generation Z, for whom technology is second nature, from their own perspective. They use this issue’s back page to send their own messages, inspired by the quarantine.

Migratory Birds #18 (by clicking on each title you can read the articles):

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