NCR Youth Center Home Edition! How about listening to some Jazz/swing music?

The truth is that we cannot bring to you all that we used to share, but we are here for sure!

For those of you who are missing the music lessons or searching for different musical experiences, here is a sample for your listening pleasure. Prepared by the “NCR Youth Center” musical volunteer, Nikos Kordelis. Follow the link and stay tuned – next week we’ll be back!”

Big Bands and the Swing style

Since the early days of jazz, Big Bands were prominent. These large orchestras usually consisted of a small rhythm section, including a piano, a double bass, drums and sometimes a guitar, and a significantly larger wind section. More often than not, Big Bands were named after their conductor.

Since the 1930s, with the emergence of the Swing style, with its intense dance-like rhythms, Big Bands became a staple of popular music, their repertoire including tunes from musical theatre and original compositions.

Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra

Happy Feet:

Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra

Sugarfoot Stomp:
Harlem Madness:

Duke Ellington

It don’t mean a thing:
Take the A train:

Count Basie Orchestra

April in Paris:
Moten Swing: