NCR Youth Center Home Edition! How about listening to some bebop/Jazz music?

The truth is that we cannot bring to you all that we used to share, but we are here for sure!

🎵 For those of you who are missing the music lessons or searching for different musical experiences, here is a sample for your listening pleasure. Prepared by the “NCR Youth Center” musical volunteer, Nikos Kordelis.

Follow the link and stay tuned – next week we’ll be back!

The bebop style

During the 1940s, a new style of playing emerged among the jazz circles. Many musicians strayed from the dance-oriented jazz style that prevailed, and adopted the bebop style, characterized by fast tempos, complex improvisations, that was considered to be significantly more cerebral than jazz music used to be.

Until today, every musician who wants to learn jazz studies the improvisatory style of bebop, whose influence can today be heard among the most diverse selection of artists!

Charlie Parker

Donna Lee:
Scrapple from the Apple:
Yardbird Suite:

Dizzy Gillespie

A Night in Tunisia:
Salt Peanuts:

Bud Powell

Tempus Fugit:
It could happen to you:

Sonny Stitt

On a Slowboat to China:
Just Friends: