NCR Youth Center Home Edition! How about listening to some jazz music?

The truth is that we cannot bring to you all that we used to share, but we are here for sure!

For those of you who are missing the music lessons or searching for different musical experiences, here is a sample for your listening pleasure. Prepared by the “NCR Youth Center” musical volunteer, Nikos Kordelis. Follow the link and stay tuned – next week we’ll be back!”

The early years of jazz

Nowadays, jazz music is comprised by a large array of different sounds, from classical-sounding music to amalgamations with rock or electronic. However, that was not always the case. Jazz music originated in North America, through the pairing of white rich people’s western European culture and the music of African – American slaves.

In this text, we will get acquainted with two early styles of jazz music, Dixieland and Ragtime.

The Dixieland style originated in and around New Orleans. It is marked by large orchestras, the players of which often improvise all at the same time, and the use of instruments that didn’t end up being used in later styles, such as the banjo and the tuba.

Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Jazz me Blues:

King Oliver

Dippermouth Blues:
High Society:

Louis Armstrong

West End Blues:
New Orleans Stomp:
Muskrat Ramble:

Ragtime was a piano-centered style of music, with intense and unexpected rhythms

Scott Joplin

Maple Leaf Rag:
The Entertainer:

Jelly Roll Morton

Tiger Rag:
Black Bottom Stomp: