Our library now available to your home

The Network for Children’s Rights, in response to children’s need to express themselves creatively and play, which became more intense during a home isolation period due to measures taken to contain the spread of COVID-19, is opting for alternative means to implement its activities.

In fact, our activities are currently organized and carried out remotely; nevertheless, we continue to contribute in a supportive and productive way to children’s personal development, with an emphasis placed on vulnerable children who have limited or no opportunities and alternatives.

Through a series of interactive videos, which are uploaded on a daily basis on our YouTube channel, with the aim of fostering a positive balance between mental, psychological and physical activity, children of all ages have the opportunity to have fun and at the same time learn on their own continuum, in their own time and their own unique way! Given that playing helps children to develop emotionally, and improve skills, activities are designed so that emphasis is placed on the process and not on the result.

Children have the opportunity to easily and freely act, express themselves through art, explore the concepts of space through kinetic activities, satisfy their curiosity and explore the world through experiments, improve their language skills through exercises and finally, cultivate creativity and imagination through narratives and dramatization of fairy tales.

Our online video material for children is being updated on a daily basis. We invite you to spread the word and thus enhance our efforts to provide entertainment and knowledge opportunities to vulnerable children in these unprecedented times.

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