Stop motion animation for children and educators

Stop motion animation for children on the subject of children’s right to education, from the Network for Children’s Rights, funded by the Public Benefit Institution Ioannis S. Latsis and co-funded by the TEBA programme of the Municipality of Athens.  

Children -from 9 to 12 years old- who have their own digital story to tell about the right to education, create a short film using exclusively the technique of stop motion animation during the second edition of the successful education programme “We are here too”.  

Aiming to promote and raise awareness about children’s rights to children, parents, teachers and the general public, from the 2nd of September until the 31st of December begins, on the premises of the Cultural workshop, a new circle of creativity and learning for children and teachers.  

The programme for ten (10) children of Greek and immigratory origin compose of:  

creative writing workshops for children by Vaggelis Iliopoulos, specialist screenplay writer of stop motion animation, which end with the writing of the original script of the new film,

stop motion animation lessons by Panagiotis Tsalavrettas, specialist director of stop motion animation,

creation of stop motion animation film three (3) minutes in duration with the observation and participation of the children of the lab. The film will be completed by the end of November 2021.  

The workshops are implemented under the pedagogical supervision of Ioanna Koutsouki and Alkistis Katsanevaki, experienced pedagogues of the Network.  

The programme for teachers “train the trainers” includes:  

theoretical-introductory contact with the Convention for Children’s Rights (CfCR),

practical familiarization with creative writing techniques and basic principles of the methodology used, focusing on visual and audio media e.g. photography and stop motion. 

*A participation certificate will be given to teachers 

The giants return 

“We are here too” constitutes the second edition of the homonymous successful programme that led to the creation of the short film titled “The Giants are Coming”. The programme was implemented from September up to December of 2020, focusing on children’s right to health and free access (for children with disabilities). 

Watch the short film “The Giants are Coming” here: on the official Network for Children’s Rights’ s YouTube channel  

Read more about the programme here: 

Practical information  

Where? Cultural Workshop, Alkamenous 11b  

When? Every Thursday 17:00-18:30 creative writing seminars (8)  

Tuesday 17:00-18:30 stop motion animation seminars (4) 

How I can participate:  

In the programme participate children from the Cultural Workshop & the TEBA Programme 

The dates and application methods for the seminars for teachers will be announced soon from the Network for children’s Rights, in accordance with the measures issued by Civil Protection for the protection of public health from the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Implementation body | Network for Children’s Rights 

Funding | primary funder: Public Benefit institution Ioannis S. Latsis with additional funding from the TEBA programme of the Municipality of Athens.