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The Centre for the Child – Sarantaporou among the 28 best practices of the programme FEAD

The Network for Children’s Rights, as a partner, and the Municipality of Athens, as coordinator of the Social Partnership “Athens Capital of Solidarity”, have designed and are implementing actions to provide psychosocial services to the citizens of Athens who are beneficiaries of the European Assistance Fund (FEAD). The services are provided by a specialized Scientific […]

Creative activities for teenagers – Center for the Child – TEVA

The staff of the ‘Network for the Childrens Rights” and the Municipality of Athens are organizing Adolescent Engagement Teams to enhance emotional intelligence, cultivate individual skills to improve the quality of their relationships, and to improve their intelligence and intelligence. about early adulthood. SCHEDULE FOR NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2019 NOVEMBER 04/11/2019: Meet and Welcome Members. […]

Child and Psychosocial Support Center of the KEA and TEVA program | SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2019 | Center for the Child – Sarantaporou

“Learning Support Program” Like last year, we are providing elementary school students as well as A, B ‘and C’ high school students with learning support and preparation for the next grade. In these groups, we work in support of the school material and the next day’s lessons. Teams are held every Tuesday and Thursday, 13:00 […]