Child and Psychosocial Support Center of the KEA and TEVA program | SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2019 | Center for the Child – Sarantaporou

“Learning Support Program”

Like last year, we are providing elementary school students as well as A, B ‘and C’ high school students with learning support and preparation for the next grade. In these groups, we work in support of the school material and the next day’s lessons. Teams are held every Tuesday and Thursday, 13:00 – 16:00 at the Child Center.

“Individual support for children with learning disabilities”

This year the Center for the Child will provide individual programs for children with learning disabilities upon information and meeting with the parent.

*The number of seats is limited.

“Meetings with parents and guardians”

The Center for Children plans monthly meetings with parents and guardians to inform children of their progress in joining learning support groups or other educational groups in which they participate.

*The information will be provided by the teacher educators at the Center for the Child.

“Introduction to English Learning”

The Center for the Child delivers English lessons deviating from the traditional way of teaching. In these lessons, children interact with foreign language through interactive and experiential activities making the learning process enjoyable and fun. Courses will be held in two separate groups every Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00.

*The number of seats is limited and is aimed at children and adolescents with minimal to moderate English proficiency.

“Educational Excursions and Visits”

During this school year educational excursions and visits to museums and theatrical performances will be organized and held. For participation statements at the Child Center.

*The number of seats is limited.


“Traveling in space”

In this workshop for children aged 6-9 years, they come into contact with the creation of the universe and the planets through an interactive narrative, learn about planets and their movements in the galaxy through kinetic activities and games, while constructing and their very own endless space.

The workshop will take place on December 14:00 – 16:00.

“Little Scientists”

The Center for the Child transforms into an experimental workshop on October 18th from 14: 30-16: 00 together with its young inventors! In this workshop, the children, with the help of educators, conduct simple and interesting experiments in order to better understand the basic concepts of the Physics lesson taught in school.

* Targets children of fifth and sixth grade.

“Movie Time – Our Wednesdays smell like pop-corn!!!”

During September – December, the Center for the Child will welcome its young friends on Wednesdays with screenings of favorite children’s films and cartoons framed by beautiful discussions to exchange impressions.

“Literacy workshops”

In the new literacy workshops, children get in touch with the children’s book, learn new writers and illustrators, get to know new heroes and their adventures, engage in creative activities and games based on their own fairytale, thus opening the door to their imagination and imagination. the most optimistic message a child can get, that of….

”They also lived well and we did better”!!!

“Arts & Crafts workshops”

The materials around us are endless and it is enough to look at them a little better to see that they can be transformed into original usable and creative designs. Since November, the “Center for the Child” has been organizing groups for preschoolers and toddlers to get in touch with various simple materials and create beautiful constructions by learning how everything can be turned into small artworks.

*The number of seats will be limited.

“Nutrition habits”

The Center for Your Child invites you to October for a workshop on nutrition and hygiene. Come join us in building the Nutrition Pyramid, learning about the importance of healthy eating in our lives, and through storytelling and interactive exercises to enjoy pleasantly healthy eating habits

“Acts in the circle”

The Center for Children invites children from 1st to 4th grade on November 8 at 14: 30-16: 00 to learn arithmetic in an easy and fun way with the help of a colorful carpet.

“Christmas workshop”

We welcome this year’s Christmas with original and creative craftsmanship. Together with the children we wear our festive mood and experiment with simple materials making Christmas ornaments and sending letters to Santa Claus.


Come and sweeten the new School Year – “Pastry Lab with parents and children”

Parents with their little helpers join forces to create simple and sweet recipes. In this workshop, both parents and children learn to work together, to perform a pastry recipe step by step, and to spend quality time together.

The workshop will take place on Friday September 13th from 15: 00-17: 00 at Theotokopoulos House.

You can call for participation from 08:00 – 19:00

*The number of seats is limited.

“Gardening Laboratory”

The Center for Children this October is organizing a gardening workshop at Theotokopoulos House. Through this workshop we aim both to connect children with nature and to cultivate cooperation with their parents.

Parenting Groups

All Wednesdays of the year from September 11, 16:30 – 18:00, the Network Psychosocial Support Team will operate a Parent Group Meetings Circle. The Program is announced.


“Welcome to Christmas”

With a festive atmosphere the “Center for the Child” invites you to welcome Christmas by decorating our space with fun, Christmas decorations and festive tunes.

December 13, 2019 – 17: 00-19: 00


The “Network for Children’s Rights” scientific team and the Municipality of Athens organize independent educational seminars for adults at Theotokopoulos House every Monday and Wednesday from 16:30 – 18:00, with the priority being KEA and TEVA Athina the citizens.