Creative and Learning Support Teams Program 2019-2020 | Culture Lab

Monday 11:00-13:00, Greek lesson for non-school children 16:00-18:00, Doll workshop for children 6 – 8 years old  16:00-17:00, Learning support (B junior class) 16:00-17:00, Learning support (A junior class)  17:00-17:45, German lesson 17:00-18:00, Greek lesson support (C class)  17:00-18:00, Learning support for children who do not speak Greek 17:00-18:00, Greek lesson support (History) 17:00-19:00, Greek […]

Αφήγηση Παραμυθιού στο Εργαστήρι Πολιτισμού

Το Εργαστήρι Πολιτισμού κάθε τρίτη Παρασκευή προγραμματίζει αφήγηση παραμυθιού στα αλβανικά. Την Παρασκευή 22/11, στις 18.00 ξεκινάμε με την αφήγηση του πρώτου παραμυθιού με τίτλο “Παλιά επαγγέλματα ζωντανέψτε – Mjeshteri te vjetra dilni ne drite” της Κατερίνας Μανεδάκη. Τι θα συμβεί, άραγε, εκεί; Ο καρβουνιάρης, η μοδίστρα, ο τσαγκάρης, η κορδελιάστρα, ο λατερνατζής, ο παγοπώλης, ο […]

Architecture and Pedagogy Workshop | Culture Lab | October 2019

Architecture and Pedagogy Workshop On Friday, October 4, 17:30-19:00 and Saturday, October 5, 2019, from 10:00 to 14:00, will take place at the Network for the Children’s Rights, Alkmenus 11b, a two-day educational and architectural two-day event. Topics that will be of concern to us are Child Rights, Community School, the outside free space pf school […]