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Creative and Learning Support Teams Program 2019-2020 | Culture Lab

Monday 11:00-13:00, Greek lesson for non-school children 16:00-18:00, Doll workshop for children 6 – 8 years old  16:00-17:00, Learning support (B junior class) 16:00-17:00, Learning support (A junior class)  17:00-17:45, German lesson 17:00-18:00, Greek lesson support (C class)  17:00-18:00, Learning support for children who do not speak Greek 17:00-18:00, Greek lesson support (History) 17:00-19:00, Greek […]

Culture Lab

The Culture Lab welcomes children, parents and volunteers every day in its welcoming space at Alkamenous 11b Street. In the Culture Lab, children participate in creative activity groups, learning support classes, art workshops and visits to theatrical performances and other cultural places.  Almost a hundred children systematically participated in the activities of the Culture Lab. [...]