Letter from the network to the Minister of Labour, Social Security and welfare on the AMKA performance process to foreign nationals of non-EU countries.

To: K. Yiannis Vroutsi
Minister for Labour, Social Security and welfare
Athens, 23/7/2019

Mr Minister,

On behalf of the network for the rights of the Child, on the occasion of your appointment in the post of Minister of Labour, Social Security and welfare, we would like to congratulate you on taking up your new responsibilities and wish you every success in your work and Challenges you have to face.

As a non-profit association, which aims at defending and promoting the rights of every child, we would like to express our concerns and concerns about the delay in the adoption of new analytical guidelines for the performance of AMKA to foreign nationals. The new instructions were announced by your ministry immediately after your investiture: This is the number of the protocol F. 80320/ECO. 31355/D 18.2084/11-07-2019 issue of revocation paper of previous circular of the Ministry of Labour ( F. 80320/Eco. 28107/1857/20-6-2019) which simplify the procedures for granting a Social Security number (social security) to foreign nationals.

Our concern arises from the fact that the AMKA is obligatory for access to public and private hospital and medical care, and this concerns every child, in order to have access and receive, if necessary, the Necessary and appropriate care. In essence, with the revocation of the above circular, children-third-country nationals (including unaccompanied minors homeless or in precarious conditions) are deprived of the fundamental right of access to health, as expressly provided for in article 24 Paragraph 1 of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which-as you know-has ratified in Greece since 3 December 1992 with N. 2101/92 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE Α ‘ 192):
“States parties recognize the right of the child to enjoy the best possible level of health and benefit from the services of medical treatment and rehabilitation of disabled persons. States Parties shall endeavor to ensure that no child is deprived of the right of access to such services “.
Moreover, according to the Constitution of Greece in article 5 para. 4 ed. A: “Everyone has the right to the protection of their health and genetic identity.”

With the certainty that you are particularly sensitive to issues of respect, protection and respect for children’s rights, we await your immediate actions that will solve the issue of access to hospital and medical for each child, No matter where it comes from.

We are at your disposal for any cooperation and assistance in your work on any matter of your competence linked to the field of children’s rights.

With particular regard,
Network for the rights of the Child

Pelopidas Nikolopoulos
Phone Number: 210-8846590
E-mail: p.nikolopoulos@ddp.gr