NCR amongst the organizations to receive funding from BeMed for 2022

In 2022, 13 new projects from 10 different countries aiming to protect the Mediterranean Sea from plastic pollution will be included in BeMed’s initiatives and will reinforce its efforts for a cleaner marine environment. One of these 13 projects will be undertaken by the Network for Children’s Rights, as a receiver of funding from BeMed under the name “A Healthy Life without Plastic is a Child’s Right”. The programme will attempt to raise the awareness of children on the matter through educational games about the fight against plastic pollution. NCR took part in the official presentation of the programmes on Friday 25/3 with Myrto Pispini, an associate of NCR.

The goal of NCR’s programme is for all children, of any age, ethnicity and cultural background to be given the chance to learn and take part in the fight against plastic pollution in and turn, inspire other children, their teachers, parents and communities to also take action. The children will gain practical experience through the activities and they will be guided so as to gain knowledge through their own experience, which is the most effective way to develop new skills and adopt new eco-friendly values. 

Read here BedMed’s Press Release regarding the announcement of the fundings. 

BeMed’s mission:  

Due to high levels of human activity, the Mediterranean Sea has become a receiver of tens of kilos of waste daily, and as a result it is turning into a plastic waste trap for aquatic biodiversity, surpassing all previous records of plastic pollution. There are several projects aiming to reduce plastic pollution around the world and it is BeMed’s mission to support some of these initiatives in the Mediterranean. Through its annual invitation to micro-initiatives, BeMed encourages the exchange of knowledge and attempts to facilitate dialogue between authorities and individuals in order to create a protective net around the Mediterranean.