On the occasion of the incident at the Music School of Ilion

Any act that marginalizes a child, any act of bullying on school premises is completely and utterly unacceptable. Even more so when such actions seem to be perpetrated by a teacher, it comes in contrast with professional and pedagogical competence and the need to thoroughly investigate the incident and take appropriate measures is pressing.  

When the actions described above are based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation as well as a series of other characteristics, they constitute discrimination. In our country, the relevant legislation (N 4443/2017) for equal treatment explicitly prohibits any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, identity or gender characteristics in the fields of work and education. Both homophobic and transphobic bullying are phenomena that should be permanently eliminated from schools, as well as society itself and it is everyone’s responsibility and mostly the State’s to take drastic action in this direction.  

We, as the Network for Children’s Rights, on the occasion of the incident at the Music School of Ilion, and while expecting its immediate investigation, wish to take from this the message of support exhibited by the classmates of the child and with our actions attempt to act in defense of children’s and teen’s rights, acting as the State’s and society’s reflexes. 

The Network for Children’s Rights