Open Call to professionals for distance learning seminars

Date: 16/11/2020 – 26/2/2021
Apply until: 05/11/2020
50 hours of webinars and workshops
Certificate of participation
Language: English

The Network for Children’s Rights and 6 other organizations from across Europe are expanding the successful “Young Journalists” programme, an initiative of the Network through which teenage and young migrants, refugees and Greeks create their own printed newspaper entitled “Migratory Birds”, which is distributed as a supplement to “EfSyn” for the last 3 years throughout Greece, and their own online radio station “Dandelion”.

The main goal of EFIVOS is to assist young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to integrate effectively into society through their introduction to the principles of journalism and digital media, in order to empower them not only to use digital media but also to manage it critically and creatively. You can find more about the programme at

In Greece, we are looking for professional trainers from different regions to participate in the training and educate a group of young people on media literacy in order to create their own digital content that it will be published on the Migratory Birds’ website. (

We are looking for professionals with skills / experience in one or more of the following:

  • Digital media and news literacy
  • Editorial management
  • Writing articles
  • Content production
  • Reportage photography
  • Structured interviewing
  • Graphic Design
  • Webcasting, web-radio
  • Development of online tools, newspaper, magazine
  • Modern image, video and audio tools
  • Youth work / social work

The training for professional trainers will take place between 2 November and 30 January. It has been adapted to accommodate social distancing during the pandemic and will consist of 50 hours of online seminars and workshops, with some face-to-face sessions where the situation allows. During the training, you will learn skills and techniques for supporting young people to develop their skills and learn from the Young Journalists’ experience.

Overall, EFIVOS programme will run until November 2021 and, of course, you will receive full support from the EFIVOS team throughout your participation.


  1. The e-learning seminars are conducted in English.
  2. To participate, please fill in the form below (attach your CV).
  3. Upon completion of the training, a certificate of participation will be given.
  4. Contact us for more information at:

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