Do I have rights? I have rights!

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The first illustrated knowledge book for children based on the articles of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child! Structured into individual chapters that explain each article separately and with information given through both text and images, this book is designed to inform children about their rights, help them understand them but and tell them where and how they can claim them.

Author: Panos Christodoulou – Director Network for Children’s Rights

Illustrator: Stella Stergiou

Art Director: Stella Dimitrakopoulou

Content manager: Koula Panagou – Educator & Educational Programs Coordinator at the Network for Children’s Rights
Scientific editing of texts: Dr. Lina Lachanioti, Social Worker, and Research Associate of the Orlando LGBTQ+ organization

Editing of texts: Hedvig-Maria Karakouda

Editorial editor: Marianna Psychalou

Dimensions: 21×29

ISBN: 978-618-5689-09-4

Publishing House: Mikri Selini

Publication Date: February 2023

Number of pages: 56

Subject: Children’s Rights

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