If we sing them to you | Our rights became songs / Book-cd

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The rights of children were turned into songs, written by children themselves and sung by important Greek musicians and performers. They are now available in a special edition book/cd package edition by Mikri Arktos and the Network for Children’s Rights.

Genre: Book of lyrics inspired by the Convention on the Rights of the Child – cd with 14 songs

Dimensions: 14 × 21 cm

Author: Multiple

Music-Performance: Angelos Angelou, Fotini Velesiotou, Giorgos Gonias, Spyros Grammenos, Foivos Delivorias, Nikos Zoudiaris, Tatiana Zografou, Kostas Livadas, Tzortzia, Aristidis Maranos, Savveria Margiola, Andriana Bambali, Dimitris Baslam, Dafni Panourgia, Maria Papageorgiou, Antonis Papathodolou , Thodoris Papaioannou, Kostas Parissis, Stavros Siolas, Babis Stokas, Giorgos Charonitis, Giorgis Christodoulou, Nefeli Fasouli, Burger Project and Dilemma

Illustration: Myrto Delivoria, Iris Samartzi, Daniela Stamatiadi, Hara Marantidou, Achilleas Razis, STMTS, Maria Baha, Alexis Kyritsopoulos, Vassilis Papatsarouchas and Pavlos Nikolakopoulos

Binding: Soft cover

ISBN: 978-618-5412-16-6

Pages: 64

Publication year: 2021

Publisher: Mikri Arktos

Subject: Rights of the child

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