The NCR contributes to Eurochild’s Children in Need report 2023

Alongside The Smile of the Child and ALMA Amea, Network For Children’s Rights contributed towards Eurochild’s 2023 report on children in need across Europe.

To produce the report, the three organizations leveraged their expertise in various issues concerning children in Greece such as child poverty and social exclusion, discrimination, health, online safety, and early childhood services.

The report offers valuable insight into the challenges European countries face in securing and providing a good standard of living and other social protections for children. It also assesses whether the Child Guarantee National Action Plans align with Greece’s needs, and how the  European Semester 2023 Country Report recommendations align with the lived experiences of children from a civil society perspective.

It was our pleasure working with colleagues from The Smile of the Child and ALMA Amea and we wish for future partnerships in advocating for the best interest of children in Greece.

You can find Eurochild’s full report here (for Greece see page 64) ➡️