“P” is for Peace

By Sarah Grace

When I think of peace I think of people. I think of our current world and how it lacks peace. There is so much hurt, pain and sadness. It makes me sad to hear about all the devastation, greed and hate that exists.

I believe peace begins with people. It΄s up to the people of this world to choose peace. To choose to love one another as they are. So when I think of peace I think of one simple acronym:




Caring for

Each other

P represents people. By people I’m referring to everyone. People of all nationalities, cultures, abilities, and religion. People make up this world and I believe peace starts with them.

E represents Everywhere. By everywhere I mean literally everywhere. From your next door neighbor, the people you pass on the street, to a stranger across the world. If people care about other people everywhere they go, that would be a great step towards peace.

A represents All. This one is pretty straightforward. ‘All’ the people everywhere. I know not everyone is perfect, but it’s still nice to think that we all can strive towards peace.

C represents caring. When I think of caring I think of kindness. A little bit of kindness can go a long way. However, caring may also be described in various other ways as well. Some for example are; consideration, empathy, acceptance, equity, and love. Maybe you can show more kindness to just one person today.

E represents to Each other. By this I mean People, Everywhere, All, Caring for Each other. So everyone show a little bit of kindness towards one another, sounds pretty straightforward.

Although peace may sound easy to achieve on paper. It’s not usually reality. It calls for actions of people. My hope is for the people of this world to just try their best to show some kindness little by little. You never know what someone is going through. Maybe something so small and insignificant for you may mean the world to someone else. Little by little is all it takes to put a smile on someone’s face and strive towards peace.


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