TV Campaign to Protect Children from Urban Fires | August 2019

The right to play is a fundamental right of every child, as is the right to life. Fire is not a toy and can endanger every child’s life … a finding we all know well.

On the occasion of official firefighting figures for urban fires, the Network for the Rights of the Child set up a television campaign aimed at raising awareness among parents and children about the causes. On average 17,000* fires occur annually and dozens of them are fatal. A significantly high number that makes it necessary to inform but also help children understand that fire is not a game. In a clever and creative way and starring a toddler, the dangers hidden in every room of the house and ways to protect children and the entire family are highlighted.

Taking into account the significant dangers, therefore, we do not allow children to play with fires such as matches, cigarettes or candles. We also choose lighters and electrical appliances that meet safety standards, while ensuring that we provide the appropriate fire extinguishers and maintain them regularly.

Let’s protect the children from the fire! They deserve to keep playing safely!

*Source: Fire Brigade of Greece, Urban Events 2000 – 2018

Check out the TV spot here or check the article to find more tips on dealing with, preventing and protecting children from urban fires.