U-Report GR and Refugee Week GR join forces on the occasion of World Refugee Day!

U-Report, UNICEF’s global platform for the promotion of youth participation, and Refugee Week Greece, a cultural festival that celebrates the contributions and creativity of refugees, want to find out what teenagers and young people think about the inclusion of refugees and immigrants in Greek society!

Athens 6 June 2022: On the occasion of the international Refugee Week festival and its theme around healing, U-Report Greece launches the second poll of the platform, dealing with the inclusion of refugees and immigrants and the  healing of these populations through their communities. Through this collaboration, the organizations participating in the festival, as well as the wider community, come together to strengthen the message of the platform for youth participation and to start an open dialogue between youth and different actors, about the coexistence of different cultures and the social integration of refugees and migrants.

*Artwork by Nima Javan

The poll questions are addressed to adolescents and young people aged 14-25 and ask them to share their thoughts on the importance of inclusion and the role that young people play as promoters of diversity. U-Reporters also have the ability to respond by sending videos, drawings or even photos, capturing their own feelings around healing.

Their ideas and answers will be used to create a digital comic by the Athens Comics Library, the organization that brings the Refugee Week Festival to Greece! In addition, young people’s responses to the needs of refugees and immigrants will be shared with stakeholders who design programs and develop policies to facilitate the integration of young refugees into Greek society.

The final event of Refugee Week Greece will take place on June 26, 2022, 6-8 pm, at Impact Hub, where the results of the second U-Report poll will be presented. The event will be open to the public and there will be a discussion about the significance of healing, featuring young people who bring change to their communities!

The voice of U-Reporters is becoming stronger, since they have already exceed 600 all over Greece! Those teenagers and young people who want to share their views can become members of U-Report Greece and participate in the second poll by sending the word “Healing” until 27/6 via Viber, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.