Workshops on EU Institutions in the framework of EFIVOS II

Workshops were organized in 7 countries by the 7 partners.; in total 176 young people participated (97 girls and 79 boys). The participants were from different backgrounds, some were university students, other refugees, members of the Roma community, and youth; some of them had participated in EU projects like Erasmus and Solidarity Corps (limited knowledge of other projects and EU) but in the majority, the participants were not familiar with the EU Institutions.

The discussion focused on the role of the institutions and how they cooperate with each other in the decision-making processes and legislative procedures. The workshops focus on developing action plans and new ideas which could potentially increase the participation of young people in the process of European Union-related decision-making. Most of them find more interested the second part of the workshop as it was more interactive and not informative; also the Youth Agenda was discussed.

Participants worked in groups answering into teams to 3 questions (What is the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development? What could increase your interest in participating in local initiatives? What reforms would you propose in your city?). The participants in total were interested in issues of education (including gender & refugee participation) and infrastructure (including transportation), jobs, equality, mental health, and environment.

The participants had positive feedback on the workshops, and they would like to learn/encourage about/to participate in decision-making.

Read the results here.