Focus group results on the knowledge of teenagers and young people about the European Union

Under the premises of the European program (CERV) “EFIVOS II”, focus groups were organized in 7 countries (Denmark, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania, Cyprus) on the topic of teenagers and young people’s knowledge about the European Union, policies and the European Strategy for Youth. A total of 184 young people participated (98 girls, 80 boys and 6 non-binary people).

The results of the focus group showed that the young people did not have a clear picture of the European Institutions and their responsibilities, while they recognized the building of the European Parliament and then the European Commission. Furthermore, they were unable to recognize the EU leaders by recognizing the President of the European Commission. Knowledge and recognition was mainly due to exposure on television and social media and not from school or their social environment.

Regarding the European Strategy for young people, the majority of them did not know that it existed and how it was designed. Among its themes, Mental health & Wellbeing”, “Quality Learning”, “Equality of All Genders” and “Quality Employment for All” stood out.

The children were aware of the Erasmus program while ignoring other European programs.

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The project is funded by the European Commission’s CERV Programme.