The coronavirus won’t stop us

We are not stopping any of our programmes!

The psychosocial services we offer to vulnerable children (and their families) as well as our creative and educational activities are continuing remotely and are adapting to the extraordinary circumstances that have affected us all.

The main site of the Network – Alkamenous 11 – is manned by skeleton staff, ready to deal with any emergency.  Furthermore, all telephone lines at our various sites are operational and there is a Network representative permanently available to offer help on any subject relating to our programmes and activities.

The rest of our staff are working from home, preparing daily online material for each of the Network’s ongoing programmes.

This online material has been given the overall title “Our library in your home” and aims to ensure that children remain in contact with their rights.  These include the right to expression, knowledge, information and entertainment, which we feel are even more crucial in this time of restriction and isolation brought on by the coronavirus.

As with every project of the Network, our volunteers are proving invaluable, even at a distance.  If you are trying to find ways to escape your coronavirus isolation and to produce original and creative material for children and teenagers, or more generally, if you want to help vulnerable children remotely, you too can become an online volunteer!  Please get in touch with us and we will let you know how we can work together.