U-Report GR and WeFor join forces to raise awareness around the climate crisis

UNICEF’s platform for the promotion of youth participation, U-Report Greece, and the youth-led organization WeFor, join forces to highlight the views of young people on climate change and amplify their voices ahead of the 27 UN Climate Conference.

ATHENS, JULY 25, 2022: The consequences of climate change on children and young people is the topic of the fourth poll of U-Report Greece starting today, with the aim of raising awareness among young people and collecting their opinions around this important contemporary issue.

UNICEF Greece Country Office and the Network for Children’s Rights, implementing partners of U-Report Greece, join forces with the active young people behind WeFor, in launching a poll entitled ‘How young people experience and adapt to the impacts of climate change’? The poll will be available from July 25 until August 25, 2022 on the U-Report Greece platform, and its results will help the work of UNICEF and its partners, in view of the 27th UN Climate Change Conference, which will be held from November 7-18, 2022 in Egypt. The Conference will bring together leaders from all countries of the world that have signed the United Nations Climate Convention, with the aim of reviewing progress in implementing commitments to address the climate crisis and to set goals and policies for future collective action.

Young people aged 14-25 can register on the U-Report Greece platform and answer the poll by sending the word CLIMATE or ΚΛΙΜΑ, via Viber, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. They are then asked to answer questions such as: “How does climate change affect you and your peers?”, “In what ways would you like to contribute to addressing the effects of climate change?”, “What would be your message to world leaders for the upcoming COP27 Summit?”.

The poll will be conducted simultaneously in more than 40 countries, through UNICEF’s global U-Report platform, and the answers of Greece’s youth will be included in the answers of the global community of U-Reporters, aiming to highlight the effects of climate change on new generations and promote children and young people’s messages ahead of the COP27 Conference.

The results of the poll will also set the stage for discussion at a special session for teenagers as part of this year’s Athens Democracy Forum to be held at the end of September.