Radio Dandelion- by Madine Zafari

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017

When there are words you need to say that cannot be said, they turn into tears and roll down your face.  Day by day, they amass and grow heavy in your heart.  . Afghan girls have hearts full of unspoken words, or rather words that no one has ever wanted to hear. That is why adolescents from Schisto camp decided to set up an  Internet radio station called Dandelion, through  [ Read More ]

The road to Greece- by Hajar azizi

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017
o dromos gia thn ellada

I was born in Iran and I had a good life. I remember my parents didn’t like living in Iran, but we couldn’t go back to Afghanistan because our country was not safe.  On top of that, we were not welcome in Iran.  There were no opportunities for Afghans to move forward and succeed in Iran, so my family decided to return to Afghanistan.  In the beginning, it was very  [ Read More ]

I miss my melancholy- by Mohammad Mahdi Hossaini

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017

My melancholy changes daily and I miss it. One day I feel something heavy like a mountain on my heart. The next it is a knot in my throat. On another,it is a river in my eyes. Then a sweet dream in my mind. The melancholy that grows old and tall alongside me   And now in my youth Among strangers and sorrows I live behind the bars of sadness  [ Read More ]

I miss- by Najmieh Hossaini

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017
i miss

I do not know whether I am upset, or have I simply become depressed?  My heart beats somewhat strangely in my breast.  Sometimes everything bores me: people, photographs, picture frames, memories. I get depressed whenever I wish that things were the way they used to be or that we could turn back time.  If only some things could have stayed the same forever and that others had never happened. Melancholy  [ Read More ]

Visit to the Public Library of Nea Erythraia

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017
nea erythraia

We visited a library that was different from the ones we had seen before. We were impressed from the moment of our arrival when the children, aged between 8 and 10, greeted us with a smile.  We were welcomed into the library, which was very peaceful. There was also a look of surprise on the faces of the children. We started introducing ourselves and got acquainted. They amazed us by  [ Read More ]

Through Her Eyes, F. R. – 22 years old from Afghanistan

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017

“Back home in Afghanistan, I was a student, but when the war started, we couldn’t go to school anymore and girls had to stay inside the house all day. We fled to Iran but there we faced new problems. Afghan refugees were not welcomed. We were not allowed to obtain official documents in the country and we lived in fear of getting deported, so my family decided to continue our  [ Read More ]

Students’ impressions from 4th Alimos Senior High School

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017

One spring afternoon on a Friday two weeks ago, sixteen exceptional girls came to our school. We had known them only through their newspaper, but we immediately felt at ease with them.  They made us feel as if we were their guests, as if we had gone to visit our friends. They shared their stories with us and we could have listened to them for hours. They appeared confident, dynamic,  [ Read More ]

DessertRecipe: Date Balls- by Fahime Nazari

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017

Ingredients: 1kg dates Half a pack (250gms) of biscuits 2 tablespoons cocoa powder. 1/3 cup rosewater 200gr cooking chocolate 1 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/3 cup ground pistachios   Start by removing the pits from the dates, and then warm them until soft. Blend half the biscuits, the cocoa, cardamom and rosewater into the dates and knead the mixture by hand to bind the ingredients together and create a smooth dough.  [ Read More ]

“The electric railway, one journey, a thousand pictures”

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017

This action was part of the parallel program of the Network for Children’s Rights, entitled “Points of Contact” The project was started following the desire of teenagers living in the refugee centers of Schisto and Elliniko (as well as in apartments throughout Athens), to get acquainted with the city.  This led to the idea for a series of photographic excursions to the twenty-four stations of the Electric Railway from Piraeus  [ Read More ]

Herat Traditions- by Zahra Habibi & Atefe Sarvari

Posted by thomas hiotis on August - 3 - 2017

Herat is one of the four major cities in Afghanistan and the second biggest after Kabul, the capital. The city has excellent architecture, as it is the most important cultural and artistic centre of the country. Also, because it is on the border with Iran and Turkmenistan it is strategically placed for industry and is therefore one of the largest industrial and commercial centres of Afghanistan. The great river Hari  [ Read More ]