A Muslim woman in Europe- by Mahdie Hossaini

Posted by thomas hiotis on April - 4 - 2017

A Muslim woman in Europe By Mahdie Hossaini   Unclear voices, murmuring, intense stares.  I cannot understand all these. You keep your distance from me and I wonder why. How do you feel about me? What comes into your mind when you see my clothes, my hijab? Every time I watch people closely, I discover new things. People look at me in a weird way. Differently, I don’t understand your  [ Read More ]

Our Dreams- by Najmiah Hossaini

Posted by thomas hiotis on April - 4 - 2017

Our Dreams By Najmiah Hossaini What is your dream? We put this question to ten refugees in Greece, men and women who risked their lives in order to build a new future.  Most of the time, the question was answered with silence and sadness.  I too had a dream.  When my family decided to move to Europe, I believed it would come true.  My dream was to live in peace  [ Read More ]

MEMORIES- by Mahdie Hossaini

Posted by thomas hiotis on April - 4 - 2017

MEMORIES By Mahdie Hossaini   I’m wandering in this city Thinking of leaving Where to?  I don’t know Is there anyone to show me the way? To understand me?  Find me?  Anyone? I am lost in my memories… but they conjure up rain and dust It annoys me Get me away from my crowd of memories Lights flash at me from far away Are they really there or is it  [ Read More ]

Rain with sorrow- by Madineh Zafari

Posted by thomas hiotis on April - 4 - 2017

Rain with sorrow By Madineh Zafari   Lovers fall in love in the rain.  Most people around the world appreciate the smell of rain and its feeling of freshness.  Many like to walk in the rain and some like to watch it from behind their windows.  I was a rain lover too before I came to this camp.  I enjoyed walking in the rain.  It gave me a sense of  [ Read More ]

Recipe for Kabuli palaw

Posted by thomas hiotis on April - 4 - 2017

Recipe for Kabuli palaw Kabuli palaw is a traditional dish in Afghanistan and a favourite among Afghans.  Our people cook it wherever they are, even when they are far away from their homeland.  We hope that you too will make it and enjoy eating it.   Ingredients 200ml vegetable oil 1 onion, chopped 800g leg or shoulder of lamb, on the bone, chopped into 6 cm pieces 1 tbsp crushed  [ Read More ]


Organisations and Activities in Schisto Refugee Camp By Madineh Zafari & Samira Karimi Many organisations are active in Schisto camp.  Some of them are related to children and teenagers, others deal with adults and there is also one responsible for organising and managing the camp. The two organisations supporting, teaching and carrying out daily programmes for children and teenagers, are Network for Children’s Rights and Save the Children.  These organisations  [ Read More ]

Daily life in a camp- by Zohre Ghasemi & Fatimeh Sedaqat

Posted by thomas hiotis on April - 4 - 2017

Daily life in a camp By Zohre Ghasemi & Fatimeh Sedaqat   Sometimes I feel that there is no end to our pain and sorrow.  I can’t breathe well and I feel a huge heaviness in my heart.  I don’t know where to start and how to explain our daily life here in Schisto camp.  Sometimes the days go by very slowly and seem endless. Our first problem here concerns  [ Read More ]

Nights in the Camp- by Parastou Hossaini

Posted by thomas hiotis on April - 4 - 2017

Nights in the Camp By Parastou Hossaini   I used to love the night.  I used to love the stars, shining in the dark sky.  However, since becoming a refugee and a resident at the refugee camp, I have realised that not all nights are beautiful.  The beauty of day and night depends on one’s own situation.  I loved the night when I felt peaceful and secure at home, when  [ Read More ]


Save the Children & Network for Children’s Rights By Fatemeh Hossaini & Nazila Ghafouri   In the beginning God created the world. He created man as the noblest of all His creations. He gave the entire world with all its beauty to mankind to work with, to use and to be grateful for it.  He never leaves people alone even in the most difficult moments of their lives. He always  [ Read More ]


ΑΠΟΔΗΜΗΤΙΚΑ ΠΟΥΛΙΑΕφημερίδα των προσφύγων κοριτσιών του Κέντρου Φιλοξενίας Σχιστού Η μικρή ιστορία αυτής της εφημερίδας αρχίζει όταν μια Ομάδα Αφγανών κοριτσιών συναντιέται τακτικά κάθε εβδομάδα  σε μια συζήτηση προβληματισμού. Τα θέματα που τις απασχολούν είναι πολλά, από τα πιο άμεσα προβλήματα της ζωής σε ένα στρατόπεδο προσφύγων και το πώς θα καταφέρουν να συναντήσουν τους συγγενείς τους σε άλλες χώρες ως τα ευρύτερα που αφορούν την Ευρώπη ως χώρο της  [ Read More ]