Basic Principles – The Network’s Volunteering Policy


The basic principles and volunteering policy of Network for Children’s Rights, (The Network), outlined below, are intended as a guideline and a useful tool for our volunteers.  They do not constitute a contract nor are they binding.

Definition of a Network Volunteer

A Network Volunteer is someone who offers their time freely, with no expectation of financial gain or payment, and agrees to work in order to support the Network’s goals.

Representing the Network

Volunteers must take due care when contacting authorities, organisations or individuals on behalf of the Network.  Prior to any action or declaration that may directly affect the Network, volunteers must first discuss their aims with their team and then request advice and approval from staff.  These actions may include, amongst others, statements to the press, collaborative efforts and communication with teams from other organisations, and any agreements that may involve contractual or financial obligations.

Conduct of Volunteers

Volunteers must conduct themselves with discretion at all times while working for the Network and may not invite individuals to any of the Network’s premises, who are not volunteer themselves.  They must respect the confidential nature of information that is divulged to them, the cultural background of each child’s country of origin, as well as the cultural and religious beliefs and dietary traditions of each child.  They must be suitably dressed. Furthermore, volunteers are responsible for completing the tasks they have undertaken, and if they are unable to do so, they must notify the coordinator as soon as possible.


Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all privileged information to which they are exposed.  This is particularly important for information regarding children but is also true of information pertaining to other Network volunteers.

Interaction with other Volunteers

Volunteers must be in regular contact with other volunteers, as this is considered essential for guaranteeing the success of any project undertaken by the Network.  Volunteers are also required to attend meetings at the Network.  Volunteers must appreciate that everything the Network does, relies on collaboration, coordinated effort, sharing of information and mutual support.

Starting as a Volunteer

Before starting work, Volunteers must have been introduced to the Volunteering Team and be fully acquainted with the work of the Network.  They will have been allocated to one of the action teams and have committed to attending the monthly meetings for Network Volunteers.

Termination of Voluntary Service

Volunteers may cease to work for the Network at any time, if they feel that they are no longer able or willing to offer their services. They must however notify the coordinator as soon as possible in order for a substitute volunteer to be found.  Volunteers who leave may offer their services to the Network again at a later date.

Dismissal of a Volunteer.

Volunteers that refuse to abide by the basic principles and volunteering policy of the Network may be asked to withdraw their services.  However, no volunteer will be asked to leave before being given the opportunity to discuss the issues that might ultimately lead to their dismissal.